Support for WinLine-Version 10.1 abandoned!

In general wie support the current WL version as well as the predecessor release. Therefore, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that with the release of version 10.3 the support for version 10.1 is abandonned successively.

New treasury department decree

The new treasury department decree for cash register obligation was published and contains further clarifications and simplifications. In addition please have a look on modifications of cash sales act and amendment cash register safety act.

cash register obligation – controls expected

At the beginning of the year in Austria cash register obligation became applicable. In case of infringements and financial audits impend high fines. Please check Niederschrift über die Kassennachschau der Finanzpolizei to see what will be audited.

Liken, chatten, voten – with WinLine SHARE

This new discussion and communication platform of mesonic encourages digital communication and counteracts daily flood of emails. Fast and direct interacting possibilities improve collaboration and make clear and comprehensible communication structure possible.

Dataflow Reseller for KliqObjects

As KliqObjects Reseller we recommend and distribute the whole KliqObjects product line-up. Read more at QlikView.

VfGH decision: cash register obligation not anticonstitutional

Cash register obligation is not anticonstitutional. This decided the Constitutional Court now and rejected the request of several companies which had requested suspension because of unconstitutionality. Basically there are no objections. Just the interpretation of BMF that already turnovers in 2015 constitute obligation, is not shared. There is no "repercussion", i.e. essential is turnover starting in january … READ MORE …

Supplemental modules for WinLine ACC2 – Order Picking

The order-picking module manages processing of goods with up to three levels of packaging units, e.g., box, carton, and pallet. You can report on the exact packing unit number that is associated with a particular customer delivery at any time. Customized packing labels and shipping papers can be set up and assigned to particular kinds … READ MORE …

Update system requirements

WinLine Version 10.2 does no longer support Windows Server 2003. Please take note of our updated system requirements.

Deep interest in our information evenings cash register obligation

We are glad about the deep interest and many participants at our information evenings concerning the cash register obligation. Many guests informed themselves of the new provision and discussed with our experts about guidelines and efficient use of their new cash register module.

News & adjustments in WinLine version 10.2

Aside from the extension of the new WinLine 10.2 of the WinLine KASSE modules we would like to suggest on the following list below:   1. The WinLine SYSTEM modules will be extended and compulsory for version 10.2, even for clients which don’t use WL SYSTEM yet. Elder versions of WinLine will be updated/abandonned. The … READ MORE …