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Our solutions are designed to work in concert. You can choose the instruments and the number of players, e.g., start with an ensemble and expand as your company grows to an orchestra.

A business software package really proves its worth when it can be flexibly adapted and customized to fit the size of your company and its number of users. Business software solutions from mesonic offer the best of both worlds: products with one standard version, already configured for use in nearly all lines of business, and which can be easily adapted to fit the exact demands of the users in your company.

the modular ERP and CRM solution for your company

the complete ERP and CRM solution for mid-sized companies

the tailor-fitted ERP solution at monthly fixed price per user

We endow your constant companions in today’s business environment, mobile devices like the omnipresent smart phones and tablets with a bundles of more potential: a true advantage in making company processes faster and more efficient, and for enabling you to make business decisions based on real data anywhere and any time. 

Local Network Client
Stabile, fast and secure network clients – you will soon come to appreciate the advantages of mesonic business software installed on your local network.

Internet access
Just an Internet connection with a browser gives you and your employees access to the full scope of functions in your mesonic ERP and CRM solution.

Smart phone/Tablet App
Stay one step ahead – your external sales reps, as well as company managers, are connected online on their mobile devices with the live data in your WinLine installation.

Our business software solutions offer flexible individualized SMU features for many kinds of business sectors. They adapt to your organization and not vice versa, making the software fit your company. Data synchronization with Microsoft Office programs and the generation of mass mailings, emails and calculations is no problem in WinLine.

WinLine business 

The WinLine business software line is specially designed for the needs and requirements of smailler to mid-sized businesses (SMU). Its modular configuration lets you assemble your particular installation according to your exact needs. You get a solution that fits both your company and its processes like a glove.

Once your company grows, your WinLine will keep on growing with you: extra user seats and additional modules can be activated for use without further program installation, simply by entering new licenses.

WinLine business offers modules for nearly all business processing areas:

WinLine business is exceptionally flexible, user-oriented, and fit for the future – the ideal solution for companies that have big plans for the future!

WinLine corporate

The WinLine corporate software line places all modules in the software package at your disposal in one complete package, letting you immediately use the full scope of functionality in your company.

The product line is most often preferred by mid-sized companies that are looking for software that can support complex, integrated processing environments. The seamless integration of all modules ensures automation and efficiency of all the daily business processes in your enterprise:

WinLine corporate gives you a cost-effective and comprehensive software solution – exactly what companies that require a large scope of features right now are looking for!

WinLine compact

WinLine compact gives you lot of flexibility. You can use the entire ERP, PPS and CRM package without making a large startup investment. WinLine compact is used on the basis of a fixed monthly fee per user seat. And the software update maintenance plan is included in this fee, meaning that you regularly receive version updates at no extra charge containing changes for regulatory issues or new added features.

WinLine compact is comprised the functional scope of the modules in the WinLine corporate line and bundles the following highlights in the basics package:

Supplemental modules for WinLine compact

WinLine compact +:

For accounting:

  • Liquidity analysis

For order entry and inventory management:

  • Order-picking
  • Deposit invoices/final settlement
  • Datanorm interface for product import

For manufacturing:

  • Capacity planing
  • Outsourced production


  • Enterprise OLAP for cube data reports in all areas (vouchers, products, sales reps, budgets, etc.)
  • Archive: external documents in WinLine compact
  • Action Server for periodic generation of reports and automated processes
  • System II incl. user authorization profiles and customized window editor

The following features are also available for WinLine compact:

  • CRM – completely integrated CRM system incl. mobile Connect for online data processing via smartphone and Tablet
  • Enterprise Connect – Internet access to all WinLine compact data
  • Webshop solutions:
    • CMS – Content management system for creating your own homepage including web shop WinLine web b2a with customer information system and external sales force connectivity
    • System – Data import and export as well as WinLine master data maintenance for products, -customers, prices, groups and sales reps

WinLine compact is a multi-faceted solution offering a full spectrum of functions for all areas in your company and is the optimal solution for companies that are looking for a perfect solution at a monthly calculated fixed price.

WinLine financial accounting

Accounting is a core function in your company data processing activities as well as a core module in WinLine. It is the module area for data entry, reporting and controlling, and monitoring all flows of cash and services.

Accounting in WinLine is comprised of financial accounting, cost accounting and asset management, all of which serve to collect and report on data coming from other areas of the ERP system, such as invoicing, inventory management, manufacturing and HR.

Financial accounting
Master data such as general ledger accounts, customer and vendor accounts, balance sheet position codes, or posting types provide the framework for your accounting activities. Specialized entry windows dedicated to data entry for various kinds of posting transactions (sales invoices, purchase invoices, cash postings, etc.) provide a flexible and user-friendly data entry environment.

A full-scale collections management area allows you to monitor open items in a transparent manner with numerous filtering options. Payment transaction processing is handled efficiently and cost-effectively, with data output to prevalent payment transaction mediums.

The large collection of standard reports contained in WinLine accounting leave practically no wish unfulfilled, whether it be a balance sheet, profit and loss statement, open item list, managerial analysis report, or general and sub-ledger journals, all these reports open a transparent window on your finances and profitability, and assist you in documenting achievement of planned target values.

Cost accounting
WinLine cost accounting supplements your financial accounting by integrating cost accounting procedures to your business processes. You can set up automated cost allocation procedures with preset cost centers and cost objectives, or simply allocated costs on-the-fly while you are entering posting transactions. Genuinely flexible. Get the true picture on your cost center effectiveness and cost objective profitability.

WinLine accounting is a fully developed software package designed to fulfill all the requirements that are demanded from a high-powered system in todays financial and cost accounting environment. You will plenty of convincing arguments in the following features:

  • Complete accounting package
  • Integrated in the WinLine ERP system
  • Integrated document management
  • Multifaceted reporting options
  • Clear and concise reports and lists  
  • Automated recurring postings
  • Reliable and quick year end closing procedures
  • Up-to-date cash flow analyses

Download data sheet WinLine financial accounting

WinLine financial accounting – accountant certificate for version 10
For further information on the certificate please contact your professional trading partner or send an e-mail.

Supplemental module to WinLine ACC1 – Cost Accounting

A complete cost accounting is offered as a supplement to WinLine ACC1. Data from financial accounting, asset management and HR flow into cash accounting and provide the basis for comprehensive cost and revenue related reporting.

Cost types, cost centers and cost objectives are the basic elements in cash accounting reports. The system supports both preliminary and final costing calculations for both products and projects, allowing you extensive and up-to-date reports on cost evolutions.

The Cost Journal and the Cost Center Sheet reports provide raw data on running costs and your operating profit and loss. The Cost Objective Operating Statement reports on contribution margins for cost objectives such as a project or product.

The comprehensive statistical reporting options allow you to compare budgets for cost centers and cost objectives to enable you to recognize trends that require corrective action.

The most important module functions at a glance:

  • Cost types, cost centers, cost objectives
  • Preliminary and final calculation
  • Cost allocation procedures
  • Expense allocation sheet 
  • Actual costs/Planned costs
  • Budget comparison
  • Operating profit/los
  • Cost accounting statistics

Supplemental module to WinLine ACC1 – Liquidity Analysis

Keep an eye on your current cash flow situation or analyze your cash position for a particular range of weeks using the LIAN (liquidity analysis) module.

The liquidity analysis report lets you decide which of the sources of raw data will contribute to the report output and calculates your weekly cash position for a desired range of weeks in the future. The report can also be easily exported to an MS Excel template file for further processing.

Raw data for the calculating the cash position comes from the following areas in the program:

  • Unpaid customer/vendor invoices Open items in accounting
  • Customer/vendor delivery notes delivery notes that have not been invoiced yet
  • Customer orders/vendor purchase orders orders that have not been delivered yet
  • Budgeted values from GL or AR/AP accounts, or income statement positions
  • Take account for discounts that will be taken or given
  • Take account for grace days, i.e., time period from voucher generation to following voucher level (e.g., vendor PO to expected delivery date)

Payment history
The liquidity analysis module lets you drill down on each customer and vendor account for detail information on each customer and vendor open item, including average days outstanding and average discount taken or applied. This gives you a transparent overview of customer payment behavior, including information on interest on arrears.

The average number of days to payment and average discount applied can be saved at any time based on current values to each customer account. They can then be further used as a calculation factors in the Liquidity Analysis report.

Supplemental module to WinLine FIBU – electronic balance sheets

With our modules for electronic balance sheets german and austrian enterprises are able to transmit balance electronically straight from the WL FIBU to fiscal authorities.

Electronic balance transmission in Austria
WL EBILANZ AT supports entrepreneurs of electronic balance transfer and transmission for industrial court commercial register. Transmission takes place in XML via FinanzOnline.

Electronic balance transmission in Germany

According to § 5b internal revenue code all book-keeping enterprises have to transmit their balances and statements of income electronically to appropriate fiscal authorities. Balance could be reported for the year 2012 for the first time.

With WL EBILANZ AT it is possible to:

  • record and develop basic claims data and annual accounts
  • generate trade balance sheets, crossover calculations and tax balance sheets 
  • split and carry over a balance on different positions
  • assign plenty of nominal accounts to any taxonomy position 
  • Live-Reporting for monitoring any changes 
  • send e-balance with prior error checking (Dialog- oder Stapelmodus)
  • send e-balance via Elster (ERiC) and XBRL to fiscal authorities
  • announce in the Federal Gazette

Your benefits of WL EBILANZ DE:

  • lower external costs due to internal creation of e-balance
  • quick editing times and less further enquiries of fiscal authorities
  • better and particular analysis options of data at any time
  • permanent reduction of external costs due to once-only investment in WL module  
  • reduction of costs using e-balance data for announcement in the Federal Gazette

Download data sheet

Supplemental module to WinLine ACC1 – Corporate consolidation

The Corporate Consolidation module in WinLine enables master data synchronization and consolidated reporting for groups of companies. Using the module, you can restrict data synchronization to particular subsets of fields in a master data object, e.g., particular fields in Account Base Info, leaving other fields for separate data maintenance in the sub-companies. This lets you update address information for an account across several companies on a synchronized basis, for example, while at the same time leaving the payment conditions settings for the account on a company-specific basis.

Support is also offered by the consolidation functions for recurring postings. Choose a posting batch fromt the main or a sub-company, for instance, and post it centrally. The individual posting batches and related action plans are defined in the separate companies. Using these methods, you can centrally process both period and annual depreciation runs in WinLine ACC1 for several companies.

One company is set up as the main reporting company when configuring consolidated reports. Reports in this company then automatically include several kinds of core data from the sub-companies that are linked with the main company. You can analyze both on a line level as well as totals basis, including data from CRM, open item reports and account balance lists.

The Data Check report is also included as a consolidated function for checks on consistency and integrity for both the main and sub-companies.

Supplemental module to WinLine ACC1 – Foreign Currency

The foreign currency module in WinLine lets you create invoice and payment transaction postings in foreign currencies. An unlimited number of foreign currencies can be set up in the system, each of which can be configured with up to six separate currency rates. The collections fees can be defined for the respective currency and the currency rate difference (gain or loss) is automatically calculated and posted on payment.

The foreign currency amount is entered during posting including calculation of the amount in local currency for the GL posting and open item record. The currency amount gain or loss is calculated based on the current rate when the open items is paid and any discount applied is converted to the local currency.

Collection runs for open items in foreign currency are a breeze with automatic generation of dunning letters in the corresponding foreign currency of the customer account.

Additional Modules for WinLine ACC1

DEB/KRED – Offsetting customer/vendor accounts:
This module is designed for those situations where you do business with a company both as a vendor and a customer. In this case you may want to reconcile the balance difference between payables and receivables – a process is performed at the click of a button with this module. Sometimes you may want to balance receivables against payables, but not payables against receivables, or just the opposite. At other times you may need to decide on a case-to-case basis. This is achieved by entering the offset account in one of the customer or vendor accounts, or both accounts. Payment transactions are then generated using balance offsetting depending on how you have configured the accounts.

BUKR – Posting areas:
Posting areas are used as an organizational help as an optional flag that can be attributed to posting records for filtering purposes in selected reports, e.g., the balance sheet. Using the BUKR module, you can set up various posting areas in one WinLine company that can then be used for doing accounting with several independent companies. Posting areas can be assigned as presets to specific posting types, or you can enter a posting area for a transaction on-the-fly during data entry. Posting areas are available as a selection filter in various reports in WinLine ACC1.

VST AT – Electronic refunding treatment of input taxes in Austria:
Refunding of austrian input tax could be automated and electronically done by module VST AT. Your application submitted to FinanzOnline will be directly transmitted to member state fiscal authorities. 

DIABIL – Provisional Financial Statements:
This tool provides you a platform for testing various “what-if” scenarios of potential combinations of postings, e.g., year-end adjustments, to see the effect in real-time on your balance sheet or account sheet. Once you have decided for an alternative, you can save the postings in a posting batch for later posting to the ledgers.

BUDGET – Budgeting:
This module lets you maintain up to two independent budgets for accounts and financial statement positions, with a comparison of actual and budgeted values to assist you in determining whether you are staying on budget or whether you need to make adjustments.

Banking – Electronic payment reconciliation:
This supplemental module handles incoming electronic payment transactions on data mediums received from your bank. Discounts are automatically calculated based on the imported data, as well as reconciliation of open items.

KABU – Cash Book:
This module gives you reporting options for cash accounts based on date and posting journal numbers, as well as bank account reconciliation methods.

MAPRO – integrated dunning:
Send reminders directly by e-mail to the corresponding invoice copy, inform your customers in a comprehensive way, reduce your queries, increase the payment morale of your customers, and thus optimize the efficiency of your dunning system. 

WinLine asset management

Along with accounting and cost accounting, asset management is the third basic element in your accounting activities. This is where all your fixed assets are recorded and managed.

Anlagenbuchhaltung, Finanzbuchhaltung und Kostenrechnung sind in den WinLine-Produktlinien vollständig verzahnt. Diverse Abschreibungsmöglichkeiten bieten Ihnen größtmögliche Flexibilität und schaffen die Grundlage für eine Reihe wichtiger Entscheidungen: Investitionsplanung, Liquiditätsplanung oder Beschaffung.

Mit der WinLine Anlagenbuchhaltung (ANBU) haben Sie Ihre Finanz- und Investitionsplanung fest im Griff. Sie sehen genau, welche finanziellen Mittel Sie in eine Anlage investiert haben und welche Nutzungsdauer von dieser zu erwarten ist. Damit können Sie die für den Ersatz notwendigen liquiden Mittel optimal planen.

Die Anlagenbuchhaltung in der WinLine bietet umfassende Möglichkeiten zur Darstellung des Anlagevermögens: So sind Zugänge, Teilzugänge, Nachaktivierungen, Abgänge oder auch Subanlagen buchbar. Anhalte- bzw. Schrottwerte können ebenfalls hinterlegt werden. Entscheiden Sie bei der Bewertung des Anlagevermögens, ob Sie auf Basis des Steuerrechts, Handelsrechts und kalkulatorisch abschreiben möchten und welche Abschreibungsmethode für das jeweilige Anlagegut gelten soll.

Asset management, accounting and cost accounting are completely integrated in the WinLine product lines. Various options for depreciation methods offer you the greatly possible flexibility and set the foundation for making many kinds of important decisions on investment planning, liquidity analysis and requisitioning.

You have your financial and investement planning firmly in hand with the WinLine ASSET module. You see exactly which financial resources are tied up in an asset and the associated period of useful life, so that you can plan effectively your cash resources for eventual asset replacement.

Asset management in WinLine offers a whole scope of options for reporting on your assets including write-ups, partial write-ups, retroactive activations, disposals and sub-assets. Residual values can also be assigned. You can decide whether to use tax-based or commercial values as the depreciation basis, or alternatively use implicit depreciation, along with the choice of a depreciation method.

The comprehensive reports contained in the WinLine ASSET module include the asset register, asset sale, asset disposal, asset write-up and various asset values lists, including multiple year reports contained chart views.

The asset management module supplements your accounting package, offering a high degree of flexibility and offering your numerous advantages:

  • Complete integration in WinLine financial accounting and cost accounting
  • Several kinds of depreciation methods
  • Precise reports and lists
  • Complete overview of fixed assets 
  • Monitoring of assets for real flow of valuation
  • Dependable planning for future investments
  • Effective investment controlling
  • Fulfillment of tax regulations
  • Simplified inventory counts

Download data sheet asset management

WinLine inventory management & order entry

Order entry, invoicing and inventory management are other core areas in your daily business activities. The WinLine ACC2 module provides the IT environment to perform the various kinds of processes such as material planning, warehousing, sales and purchasing, all merged together into one core module.

A good inventory management software must fulfill demanding requirements in many areas: sophisticated pricing mechanisms, easy to use and transparent customer and vendor accounts, and flexible inventory handing procedures.

The entry window for sales and purchase side documents in WinLine ACC2 accompanies you seamlessly through the entire voucher cycle from offer to invoice. Your external sales force has the option for accessing document entry for real item processing in WinLine. During entry of sales or purchasing document, many automated functions such as discount checks and locks, delivery locks and credit limit warnings and locks can be activated for quick and secure document generation.

Several kinds of parameters such as sales order demand, inventory level, and estimated replenishment times are all combined to provide you with sophisticated material requisitioning methods in WinLine ACC2. This offers you flexible and easy to manage methods for requisitioning for warehouses, lots or serial numbers, including reporting on product attributes, such as variants, multiple units of measure and warehouse locations.

By means of complete integration with accounting, inventory management and document transactions flow directly from invoicing and inventory management to accounting and cost accounting. Customer orders for manufactured products can be transferred directly to the manufacturing module, WinLine PROD. Standard definable interfaces for external POS systems, time management systems, and other third-party software make the WinLine ACC2 module a complete solution for your company.

WinLine ACC2 is the complete package for order/invoice entry as well as inventory control and material requisitioning. With WinLine you have chosen a comprehensive and user-friendly program with:

  • Integration with WinLine ERP and PPS
  • Integration with the WinLine CRM system
  • Mobile access by Internet and app 
  • Efficient organization of sales processes
  • Transparent, easy to use voucher cycle
  • Up-to-date information on backorders
  • Optimized material requisitioning 
  • Integrated movement of goods from scheduling to delivery
  • Inventory level minimum / maximum thresholds
  • Reduction in stock costs and turn-over times

Download data sheet

Supplemental modules for WinLine ACC2 – Purchasing (Material Requisitioning)

Everything is centered on the right moment in WinLine material requisitioning module: exact order fulfillment needs exact planning.

Sales order demand or demand from production jobs provides the basis for calculating suggested purchase orders in WinLine. You can use either order-based methods, i.e., each order line triggers a PO suggestion, or stock level-based methods, i.e., minimum and replenishment stock levels, for triggering PO suggestions.

The first method keeps your inventories lean, and the latter method ensures that you always have enough stock on hand to meet potential orders. The suggested purchase orders are saved in purchase scheduling batches that you can manually inspect and modify on-the-fly before the actual purchase orders are generated. This gives you the flexibility to react to changing stock requirements on a daily basis.

The WinLine material requisitioning module affords you a comprehensive overview of all your back-orders and any pending or already entered deliveries. You can notify your vendors directly out of the software about late and missing deliveries.

The WinLine material requisitioning module lets you:

  • Create Suggested Purchase Orders
  • Edit Purchase Orders 
  • Process Vendor Deliveries
  • Vendor Backorder Lists 
  • Product Requirement Lists
  • Reserve stock on hand and in purchase orders

Supplemental modules for WinLine ACC2 – Multiple Warehouses

Multi-warehouse management offers you efficient working with main and subsidiary warehouses. Whether you are doing inventory accounting, voucher management or creating overall warehouse statistics, you have all warehouse-related data at your fingertips. The exact quantity located in each warehouse location is listed along with detailed information on products and quantity sold to each customer from each warehouse.

This module can be employed not only for multiple warehouses, it can also be used to manage product attributes such as color variants, sizes, serial numbers, and lot numbers.

Supplemental modules for WinLine ACC2 – Order Picking

The order-picking module manages processing of goods with up to three levels of packaging units, e.g., box, carton, and pallet. You can report on the exact packing unit number that is associated with a particular customer delivery at any time.

Customized packing labels and shipping papers can be set up and assigned to particular kinds of packaging material. Order-picked products are denoted in various reports to keep track of stock that is packed and ready for shipment on the loading dock.

Supplemental modules for WinLine ACC2 – Project Management

The project management module supports project budgeting, billing, accounting and reporting activities, spanning the scope from project start-up activities to post-completion reporting.

Project status levels let you monitor project progress status. Attach a workflow to a status level and the program keeps you up-to-date by sending an email when a particular status level has been achieved.

Project budgeting takes place using products and resources, which lets you calculate a total project budget in terms of time and material costs. Project costs can be allocated to cost accounting in WinLine and assigned to a project cost objective.

Authorization profiles determine the company users who have access to the project data and those that are authorized for data entry. Every project can be set up with its own authorization rights profile.

The most significant features at a glance:

  • complete project management
  • project monitoring
  • progress monitoring
  • classification of pre- & post sales phase
  • article and resource based budgeting
  • assignment of follow-up action
  • automatic workflow
  • automatic notification
  • automatic involvement in cost accounting
  • authorization of company users

Supplemental modules for WinLine ACC2 – Quality Management System

The QMS quality control module supports the set up and execution of quality control checks and activities, including product release management functions. It also includes product tracking reporting options that let you track the source and end product of lots and serial numbers that have been purchased and sold, and that conform to the EU regulation 178/2002 for product tracking in food industries. This allows you to see exactly which customer received a particular product that you received with a certain shipment of incoming goods.

The quality management functions are located at various points in the software to ensure that only products that have been checked and inspected are actually eligible for delivery or manufacturing.

When product inspection is not mandatory for all of your products before they can be used for further processing, you can set up flexible, individualized release statuses which define the products, lots or semi-finished products that are subject to inspection or not.

Evaluations in WinLine allow complete traceability of customers articles or product batches at any time.

Supplemental modules for WinLine ACC2 – Foreign Currency Invoices

Using this module you can generate customer and vendor documents in foreign currency in WinLine. An unlimited number of foreign currencies can be set up in the system, each with up to six separate applicable currency rates. Foreign currencies can then be assigned to a price list, which in turn can be assigned to a particular customer or vendor account.

When entering invoices you can assign one of the six currency rates as a preset on a fixed basis, or you can choose to select the rate on a on-the-fly basis. The resulting postings, both to inventory and accounting are automatically converted to the local currency of the company, including all inventory values, sales statistics, accounting and sales rep commissions.

Additional Modules for ACC2

Kit List – Kit List products:
Kit lists are bills of material containing only products (no resources) that are effectively assembled at the point of generating a delivery note for the kit list product. Both the kit list product and its parts can be managed with lot and serial numbers.

BACKLOG – Backorder list:
This module lets you report on your offers that have not been ordered yet, on orders that are still to be delivered and orders that have not been invoiced yet.

AUTO VOUCHER – Recurring vouchers:
The Auto Voucher function assists you in rapidly and efficiently generating recurring vouchers like service billings, rental invoices and periodic fees. Duplicate a source template voucher and define the periodic cycle for generating new vouchers, e.g. once a week, a month, a year, etc. Using this module, you can quickly and easily generate hundreds of periodic customer billing records at the touch of a button.

ANAB – Deposit and final settlement invoices:
Using the ANAB module, you can generate partial or deposit invoices, including progress billing scenarios. All postings are automatically transferred to accounting in WinLine.

SALES – Telephone Sales:
This module supports your sales team in a telephone sales environment. Follow-up lists and listings of previous customer deliveries give your employees lots of information on customer behavior and history. New customer orders can be generated directly from previous customer delivery notes.

BUDGET – Budgeting:
Set up budgets for products, customers, vendors and sales reps and compare actual values with target values.

CONTRAKT – Contract management:
A contract consists of a delivery agreement for a particular quantity of a product in a defined period of time. Using the WinLine CONTRACT module, you can record the relevant contract quantities, prices and dates easily and in one central area. You can then report on the contract fulfillment status, e.g., contract expired, contract deliveries in arrears, contract within norm, etc.

INTRASTAT – Statistical reporting on transfer of goods in the EU:
Use the INTRASTAT modul to generate your companys Intrastat reports for tax authorities in Germany or Austria on the movements of goods within the EU.

DATANORM – Datanorm Interface for product import:
DATANORM is a standard import format for product master data exchange between manufacturers, wholesale dealers and tradespeople. You can use this standardized interface to import product and prices into WinLine ACC2.

FORMEL – Voucher formulas:
Using this module you can set up code snippets (VB Scripts) that run automatically during entry of customer and vendor documents. This lets you configure specialized routines for automatic calculation of shipping and insurance amounts during document entry, for example, or for calculating prices in highly flexible and individualized pricing schemes.

eBILLING AT – Electronic Billing (Austria):
Experience the ease and speed of digital exchange of invoices in WinLine. Both customer and vendor invoices can be imported digitally. The standardized XML interface (ebInterface) ensures seamless data transfer in compliance with legal requirements.

ATLAS DE- Electronic Customs Declarations (Germany):
Using the standardized interface in WinLine with the customs declaration software AES for you! der BEX Components AG, you can generate your customs declarations electronically. All reporting data is transferred to customs, e.g., KN8 product number, product description, voucher number and invoice price. Further Information about ATLAS is available on the webpage of the german customs or Wikipedia.

WinLine CRM – Customer Relationship Management

WinLine CRM is a complete system supporting sales, marketing and services activities. It is a perfect solution for improving customer acquisition and retention in your company.

Customer relations are a key factor in the success of any company. The WinLine CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module manages your daily processing requirements for all activities involving customers and vendors and provides a platform suppling all important information related to new and follow-up business opportunities.

Preconfigured dashboards, so-called “Cockpits”, are specially configured for organizing and providing access to key tasks for various kinds of user roles in sales, marketing, services, and management. Cockpits contain, for example, To-Do lists, customer/vendor address data, sales statistics and other mission-critical reports and lists. Each Cockpit can be individually configured to fit user-requirements for reports and actions related to their specific role in company processes.

Using the mobile connect line, you can make data from WinLine CRM available on a smart phone or tablet. You can then answer customer inquiries while underway or enter data to the WinLine ERP/CRM system directly from your mobile device. Take advantage of real time, online processing using an app on your mobile device. This flexibility through integration of mobile business data processing will increase your productivity, sink costs, and generally improve your competitive position.

WinLine CRM is one of the core modules in the ERP package alongside the WinLine business software programs. CRM supports your daily requirements in the sales, marketing and services areas:

  • Integration with WinLine ERP software
  • Customer relationship optimization
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Building long-term customer relations
  • New customer acquisition 
  • Extensive reporting on customer and prospective customer behavior
  • Sales campaign management 
  • Services management processes
  • Centralized access to all customer and project data

Download data sheet CRM

Function overview for WinLine CRM-Users

Which menu points and functions of the WinLine can a pure WinLine CRM-User access?

Auf welche Menüpunkte und Funktionen der WinLine kann eigentlich ein reiner WinLine CRM-Benutzer zugreifen?

The answer to this question you can find in this graphical overview.

WinLine CRM in Sales

CRM in Sales – Analyze your customer behavior and increase your capacity to identify new sales opportunities, creating not only more customer satisfaction but also higher turnover!

The WinLine CRM system supports your sales force across a whole spectrum of sales activities. With all relevant customer data at their fingertips, they are able to take quick advantage of all sales opportunities. Integration with the other WinLine ERP modules provides speedy, up-to-date information on product stock levels, delivery dates, customer discounts and payment terms.

Contact History and Acquisition
Contacts are the most valuable asset of a sales department. WinLine CRM gives you access to the current status and the complete history of the contact record. Based on this information, you can steer present and future sales activities such als follow-up offers, discount offers, and much more.

Using the integrated TAPI interface in WinLine you can call a listed contact record by clicking on it on the screen. Remarks and notes from telephone conversations can be entered on-the-fly to ensure that no information is lost along the way.

Lead tracking
Lead management and monitoring is a crucial activity in everyday sales activities. Sales turnover is achieved through successful sales opportunity utilization. WinLine CRM supports your sales force through the entire process from contact acquisition, to placement of offers, and finally to sales order completion. During the acquisition phase, you can use detailed evaluations of sales probability analyses to decide which customers should receive the most attention.

Dates, Lists and Tasks
Generate and filter your CRM data using the List Generator to set up action lists that can be used as a basis to send customer birthday greetings, invitations to open houses, or follow-up offers for new product upgrades and models. Lists can be output in both tabular and graphical form, exported to Microsoft Excel for further processing, or saved for periodic update in the WinLine Cockpit.

Create your own personalized To-Do lists containing all pertinent information on upcoming dates and tasks. Even better, benefit from the integrated interface with MS Outlook for exporting and importing dates, appointments and contact records from and to WinLine.

Selected functions:

  • Improved contact quality
  • Access to customer history
  • Sales potential analysis (Cross-/Upselling, New sales)
  • Customer sales turnover history
  • TAPI interface for telephone sales campaigns

WinLine CRM in Marketing

CRM in Marketing – total control over your marketing activities. Constant customer contact for creating, recognizing and fulfilling demand for new sales. The CRM system supports your marketing department in the effective preparation and accompaniment of your sales activities.

CRM plays a great role in marketing the same as in sales. The targeted generation and management of sales campaigns, customer newsletters, and serial emails are just a few of the benefits offered by WinLine CRM.

Target group selection
Mine your data in WinLine with sophisticated filtering methods to create lists of customer and vendor accounts, contacts, and sales reps that can be used as the basis for your marketing sales actions. Use a powerful selection tool to select records by combining various criteria such as target zip code, customers that have bought a particular product in a certain period, etc. to create a succinct target record listing.

Sales campaign management
After setting up the data basis list, you can generate outgoing marketing messages with the Campaign Management functions. Use preset text blocks from the system or attachments, e.g. html files, for sending marketing messages to the selected addresses in the data list . The Campaign Management tools help you create, send, print and save serial letters and emails and associated lists and reports.

Press releases
Use WinLine CRM for managing your press releases. Your target audience can be flexibly adjusted for each release.

Selected functions:

  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Target group selection
  • Setting up sales campaigns
  • Sending emails, serial letters
  • Press releases

WinLine CRM in Services

CRM in Services – Competing products in today’s world are becoming increasingly easy to compare – it is a shopper’s paradise. The role of a quick and efficient customer service department is becoming more and more important in this environment.

WinLine CRM offers many features that directly support service and technical support departments such as help desk functions for customer inquiries, service reports and customer orders for your external sales force, and automatic product claims management with integrated ticket escalation status warnings. Our CRM system directly benefits your customer service as well!

Help desk & support tickets
Customer inquiries, claims, service contracts and support activities can all be carried out with ease in WinLine CRM. Workflow technology steers tickets on a case-by-case basis, governing the actions that should next be performed. Automated notification and warning functions ensure that no inquiry is stranded. Expended time for support service by your customer care personnel can be recorded for each ticket to assist you in calculating incurred costs.

Selected functions:

  • Customer support and online help desk
  • Ticketing system
  • Automated workflow management
  • Claims and customer complaint management
  • Follow-up and escalation management
  • Knowledge base features

WinLine SHARE for digital communication

Networking in projcects and teams will be supported by digital media.

Modern platforms like WinLine SHARE support, encourage and centralize interaction and communication – in the office or on the road with mobile media. 

WinLine SHARE and its benefits:

  • fewer E-Mails
  • documentation of discussions
  • Like/Dislike
  • exchange of ideas and knowledge
  • information collecting
  • ideal use of staff potential
  • expert networking
  • structured work

Fast and easy communication – with mesonic WinLine SHARE!

WinLine PROD – Manufacturing

Companies with manufacturing processes depend on effective production planning and control tools. WinLine PROD offers an integrated production planning and control module that supports both material and resource planning requirements as well as the associated inventory transactions involved in manufacturing activities.

Use WinLine PROD to optimize production throughput times, control production dates and capacities, and promote efficient use of machines, production floor workers and raw materials.

The integration with the rest of the WinLine ERP system enables direct transfer of costing and inventory changes from manufacturing to accounting and inventory management. The tight integration of customer order entry and the central control window in the manufacturing module provide for various kinds of status checks and flow controls that empower your personnel in each area to keep a clear view of current and future developments.

Material requirements planning in WinLine ACC2 is directly integrated with the WinLine PROD module. This lets you see during generation of a production job exactly what the material planning situation is and whether the job can be completed by a specified date. The resource management features allow you to report on resource workloads, availabilities and calendar-based scheduling reports for resources and production jobs.

WinLine PROD supports both discrete and non-discrete manufacturing processes, including product variant production. The module enables you to lower your production expenses, which in turn benefits the profit bottom line in your company.

The WinLine PPS module promotes optimal planning and control of your production processes. It gives you the decisive edge through smooth coordination of resource capacities and material availability:

  • Integrated with WinLine ACC2, material requirements planning and customer sales
  • Efficient resource management
  • Capacity optimization
  • Simplified organization of production processes
  • Acceleration of production operations
  • Utilization of cost-effective work processes

Download data sheet PPS

Supplemental module to WinLine PROD – Production Outsourcing

Outsourcing procedures can be carried out with this supplemental module in WinLine PROD.

Production jobs can be out-sourced or manufactured in-house upon demand. This is important when internal resources are insufficient to supply a customer order on-time or when specialized production steps cannot be performed in-house and have to be farmed out to special vendors.

100% visible and transparent
Your outsourcing vendor is set up as a separate warehouse location in the system, letting you exactly determine the materials needed for delivery to the vendor location to ensure timely completion of the outsourced products. The required delivery papers for the outsourced parts are generated with the work slip, which serves in this case as an outsourcing production order. Transport times are planned using activities so that they can be included in the overall planning for your production processes.

WinLine OLAP – Software for Business Intelligence

Mehrdimensional data reports from all WinLine areas: WinLine OLAP data cubes

You need to report on raw data from accounting, cost accounting or order entry and want to look at the data from different perspectives? WinLine OLAP offers you this flexibility using OLAP data cubes that let you configure the data display dynamically from exactly the perspective you desire.

Easy to use configuration tools
One of the big advantages of WinLine OLAP is the ease with which OLAP data cubes can be generated. You are guided through a step-by-step process while creating the cube, allowing you to easily determine the data areas (dimensions) and values (measures) that will be included in the cube.

Once you have configured the OLAP data cube, you can output the results on the screen, or to a file format such as MS Excel. While displayed in the Cube Viewer, you can reconfigure the data cube with different combinations and sortings of dimensions and values, making each data cube in reality the basis for many different reporting variants.

Areas of use
Typische Anwendungsgebiete für mehrdimensionale Auswertungen sind im Unternehmen u.a.:

  • Sales and marketing analysis
  • Financials and controlling
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Profitability analysis
  • Pricing
  • Quality control
  • Project controlling

Multidimensional data reports from all WinLine areas: WinLine OLAP data cubes

Using the OLAP data cubes you can report on your WinLine data from nearly all company areas, giving you up-to-date information that can also be periodically generated with automatic processes, e.g., during the night when network loads are low:

OLAP ACC1 – Accounting:
Report on your raw journal data (posting amount, tax amount) according to MA codes, FSCs, accounts, periods, calendar weeks or days. Then configure the dimensions and measures in the nested rows and columns you need.

OLAP COST I – Cost accounting analysis:
Report on total costs, partial costs, fixed and variable costs based on cost types, cost objectives and cost centers with units.

OLAP COST II – Cost account – Budget analysis:
Use this data cube to report on your costing budgets and compare target values with actual values.

OLAP ASSET – Asset analysis:
The Asset Register report can be output directly from the WinLine ASSET module as a data cube. All asset master data and transaction data is available in the data cube.

OLAP ACC II – Sales analysis:
Report on sales turnover, gross profit, and sold and purchased quantities organized by product groups, sub-groups, sales reps, customer and vendor accounts, sales rep commission codes, products, cost centers, cost types, cost objectives and periods.

OLAP ACC II – Voucher analysis:
Report on all sales and purchase side vouchers. Based on existing offers, orders, delivery notes and invoices, you can create various sales rep, cost overviews and turnover analysis reports.

OLAP ACC III – Sales rep analysis:
Analyze commissions and commission base amounts for your sales reps according to invoice numbers, account numbers, products and sales areas.

OLAP PROJECT – Project analysis:
Evaluate your projects, both for sales and purchase side vouchers, including budgeted project values.

OLAP LIST – LIST reports:
All reports generated in the WinLine List Assistant can be output as OLAP data cubes, giving you nearly unlimited reports options from this module.

WinLine solutions for multidimensional OLAP reports – All Included

All OLAP data cubes are included in this package and in addition the following useful features:

Database reports
Create data cubes containing data from different applications and companies. All master data from accounting, cost accounting and inventory management is also available for inclusion in the data cube report.

MS Excel data reports
Import data from Microsoft Excel to generate a WinLine OLAP data cube. The data cube can be output as a normal cube, standard MS Excel format, or an MS Excel pivot view.

Traffic light indicators
Set up value ranges for your reports and color-code the report, e.g., values in green = OK, values in red = not OK, making the data cube reports more intuitive and easier to read.

Combine columns
Join a group of columns in a report to one column. This lets you display values in the ZIP code and city columns, for example, in one joint column.

Multiple or individual selection
You can specify whether multiple selections are allowed in the data cube report, e.g., more than one product group, or whether only one selection is considered for the report, e.g. sales rep number 3 of 10.

WinLine LOHN – human resource management (for Austria and Germany)

Efficient data management is essential for efficient work of staff department. It is inevitable to have fast access to data and documents – the WL HR Software supports associates to personnel deduction. (for Germany and Austria available)

WL LOHN fits to small and medium-sized companies with user-friendly intuitive surfaces and clear program compositions.

WL LOHN can be combined with other WL programs and their data. Authorization systems entitle special users accessing WL LOHN.

WL LOHN offers a high flexible structure of basic claims data, e. g. to generate wage type category or design bases once only for having informations in all other used mandators. Gross wage administration can be done at any time during calculation period.

Selected standard benefits of WL LOHN:

  • salary calculation
  • multiple employment
  • net salary agreement
  • individual tax exempt amounts
  • sub employees
  • single payments
  • absence administration
  • benefits in kind
  • certificate administration
  • wage-tax return
  • flat-rate taxation

WL LOHN DE for Germany is system-certified and offers the seal of approval of  ITSG.

Download data sheet LOHN Germany
Download data sheet LOHN Austria

WinLine LOHN – Human resource management: Additional modules for Austria and Germany

WL LOHN Execution allows automatic calculation and pay-out of garnishments of wages or personal property. In addition it offers plenty of possibilities for evaluation and statements.

Reduced hours compensation
Paying reduced hours compensation could be necessary in case of temporary employment and cyclical downturn. For recompensing inapplicable work can be applied payment of reduced hours compensation. WL LOHN supports you in calculating short-time compensation.

Import of wage accounting data
You don’t have all data registered in your own system? WL LAIM enables to transfer wage and staff data from external programs into the WL LOHN. Start data import at the push of a button and all important data of all time recording systems will be imported.

Wage cost classification in KORE
With module WL LOHN Brutto wage costs can be assigned flexibly and unlimited to cost centers and cost objects in WinLine. Gross wage registration is now possible.

Import/export of times absent (only Austria)
Various enterprises use location-bound or mobile time registration equipment. For transferring absences automatically and efficiently into WL LOHN accounting system was developped module WL LOHN FEIM.

Immediate registration (only Germany)
You have to register electronically new staff before beginning at computing center of german annuity assurance? Module WL LOHN SOFORT provides these announcements automatically.

DASBV (only Germany)
For employees exempt from legal annuity assurance there have to be electronic reports for appropriate insurance institution. Module WL LOHN DASBV enables data transfer to appropriate “Datenannahme- und verteilsstelle DASBV – Datenservice für berufsständische Versorgungseinrichtungen”.

WinLine Mobility – mobile access for smartphone, tablet & Co

Modern technology is the driving force in today’s increasingly mobile world. The increased mobility of customers and vendors, and your own employees, opens up tremendous new possibilities for your company.

Companies are under tremendous competitive pressure these days. Customer contact and retention are becoming more and more important. Quick and efficient handling of customer inquiries and total customer service are of elemental importance. Mobile access to your ERP and CRM data gives you the tools to fulfill these requirements.

The mobile office has become the standard workplace of decision makers, external sales employees and service personnel. Travel to customer locations and external meetings was in the past just time lost, but thanks to mobile devices and mobile software solutions like the Mobile Connect or the Enterprise Connect, you can now use this time efficiently by connecting up with your company data with your web browser or app on a smart phone or tablet.

DData entry redundancies are avoided by means of mobile data entry, work processes are streamlined and accelerated, and data interface errors are eliminated. Companies that integrate mobile business models into their IT strategy improve their image, extend their flexibility, increase productivity, save costs and generally strengthen their competitive position for the future

Download data sheet Mobile Connect
Download data sheet Enterprise Connect

WinLine MOBILE CONNECT – mobile applications for ERP- and CRM-access via smartphone & tablet

Working mobile with smartphones and tablets establishes entire new business models. Using so-called “mobile applications” increases processing speed of informations which means competitive advantages and higher added value.

Aside from standard client-/server installations programs of mesonic WinLine are available as mobile enterprise solutions too.

Mobile WinLine access via smartphone & tablet
With WL Mobility Software MOBILE CONNECT you invoke and edit your ERP- and CRM-data online via mobile terminal equipments. Record documents and orders, evaluate customer and article data, mobile connection provides all opportunities – in real-time: all data is available in local WinLine system too. Additional data alignment is not necessary.

Role based overview
As per local use of our ERP- and CRM-programs, users initially get a start screen (so-called cockpit) for most important features and analyses our regular applications. The cockpits are pre-configured for different terms of references, but can be adapted individually for role-based work stations and efficient work.

App-developement for current systems
Data connection for this mobile application tool is configured for Apple iPhone and iPad as well as Android- or mobile Windows based hardware and can be selected by specifically developed Apps. As terminal equipments are smartphones, tablets, touch-screens, laptops… usable.

With WinLine MOBILE CONNECT you find a mobile solution for more flexibility for your company:

  • access to data from entire WinLine solution
  • configured for Apple iPhone and iPad and hardware with Android or Mobile Windows
  • precise analysis options at any time and anywhere 
  • individual surface adaptation and analysis 
  • increased flexibility time-/location-independent
  • increased competitiveness

Download data sheet Mobile Connect

WinLine ENTERPRISE CONNECT – mobile access to WinLine over the Internet

When you are looking to connect up with your mesonic WinLine system without a local client network or terminal server platforms, Enterprise Connect is exactly what you are looking for. You do not need anything more than an open Internet connection.

Full access to all programs
Enterprise Connect offers you full access to WinLine features, including order and invoicing, postings, inventory management, balance sheets, customer service, production BOMs, etc., etc.. All of these features can be used in an Internet browser window, i.e., without actually installing them a on the PC where you are using them.

High performance and quick access times
Enterprise Connect is characterized by high performance and quick access times. Hardware costs and maintenance are reduced by using ultra-thin client technology on mobile end user devices.

When large amounts of data or users are working in your WinLine system, you can set up several Enterprise Connect servers to take advantage of load sharing, which is automatically managed so that all servers are equally loaded to ensure optimal access speed for all users.Enterprise Connect is especially suitable for connecting a branch office to a central company data installation, or for enabling external sales reps and home office workers to work at home or other remote locations.

Using the WinLine Enterprise Connect you take full advantage of modern technology to promote mobility and flexibility in your company:

  • Central installation and maintenance of WinLine programs
  • High security – protection of sensitive company data
  • No additional software platforms required for Internet connection, such as terminal server, Citrix etc.
  • No client network installation required
  • Improved flexibility (access anytime, anywhere).
  • Strengthened competitiveness
  • Use client in browser on an operating system
  • Ideal for home working or time sharing
  • Reduced office costs

Download data sheet Mobile Connect

WinLine Web solutions

The mesonic web solutions offer modules for online business processes. The complete integration with mesonic WinLine ERP solutions ensure one point data entry methods and constant access to up-to-date data online.

You can meet the individual requirements of your company with our WinLine web shop packages. You decide, whether you need a simple web shop, or whether additional features for customer infomation portals or sales force connectivity is required.

Alongside the web solutions, additional web solutions are available, e.g., CRM access portals over the Internet, content management system for setting up and managing your company website, as well as online access to your WinLine Archive or project management.

The WinLine web solutions are completely integrated in the mesonic WinLine ERP and CRM programs. The individual modules access data online coming from accountinger, order entry and the payroll areas. Data can be maintained and entered in WinLine ERP to ensure that all the data displayed online is always completely up-to-date at any time.

All web modules support multiple companies, multiple languages and multiple currencies and can be used across an wide variety of browsers.

WinLine Web solutions – Webshop Packages

Our webshop packages are laid out to different enterprise requirements – both for simple online shops and for extensive solutions for field crews.

WinLine web-b2c
This is the basic module that provides all functions for a typical web shop. An online customer can select products from product lists and put them in the shopping cart. An unlimited number of products can be listed in the web shop.

When desired, an automatic order confirmation per email is sent to the customer. The online order is immediately transferred to order processing in WinLine and is available there for further processing.

Data on first-time customers is first saved in a marketing database. The shop operator can check such orders before delivery to screen for incorrect deliveries.

Returning customers that are saved in accounts receivable in accounting are applied with various automatic check procedures such as display of individual payment terms and delivery conditions, as well as customer discounts. This information is saved for each customer account and is automatically applied to online orders.

Selected functions of web-b2c at a glance

  • classic web shop solution
  • Product presentation in the Internet
  • Access for first time users and registered customers
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Pricing logic from WinLine ACC2
  • Delivery and payment conditions, customer discount info from WinLine ACC2 
  • Easy-to-use order entry
  • Customizable design and layouts
  • Multiple language and multiple companies 
  • Multiple foreign currencies
  • Account data overview for registered customers
  • Easy to manage maintenance tools 
  • Interfaces to online payment platforms for online ebusiness -> Info page (mpay24)

WinLine web-b2b
In addition to the basic functions in the WinLine b2c module, this module provides further information for each customer over the Internet. Information such as delivery status, or information on their own account.

WinLine b2b provides optimal customer service with this comprehensive information system.

Selected functions in the web-b2b at a glance

  • classic web shop solution
  • Product presentation in the Internet
  • Access for first time users and registered customers
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Pricing logic from WinLine ACC2
  • Delivery and payment conditions, customer discount info from WinLine ACC2 
  • Easy-to-use order entry
  • Customizable design and layouts
  • Multiple language and multiple companies 
  • Multiple foreign currencies
  • Account data overview for registered customers
  • Easy to manage maintenance tools 
  • Customer account overview 
  • Customer open items list
  • Customer order tracking
  • Customer document archive

WinLine web-b2a
The WinLine b2a solution gives you the possibility of integrating your sales reps and external sales force with your WinLine ERP installation over the Internet.

Product and customer information in combination with order entry and processing provide a complete tool for any sales rep. Information on essential data such as prices, terms, inventory levels and customer turnover implement this capability.

A sophisticated authorization system ensures that only customers belonging to authorized customer groups can be accessed. Orders entered by a sales rep are immediately transferred to the central office.

Additional important information such as sales rep commission calculation are also provided with the WinLine b2a solution module.

Selected functions in the web-b2a at a glance

  • classic web shop solution
  • Product presentation in the Internet
  • Access for first time users and registered customers
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Unlimited number of customers
  • Pricing logic from WinLine ACC2
  • Delivery and payment conditions, customer discount info from WinLine ACC2 
  • Current stock levels and availability
  • Easy-to-use order entry
  • Customizable design and layouts
  • Multiple language and multiple companies 
  • Multiple foreign currencies
  • Account data overview for registered customers
  • Easy to manage maintenance tools 
  • Customer account overview 
  • Customer open items list
  • Customer order tracking
  • Customer document archive 
  • Sales commission calculation
  • Authorization profiles for sales reps

WinLine web solutions – WEB CRM

Providing information, marketing and communication over the Internet has become an everyday standard in todays business world. Use the web CRM solution modules to take your business processes to the next level and optimize your customer relations.

The WinLine WEB CRM I module gives you basic access to all customer-relevant data. You can make various kinds of changes to the entered data in a customer account and report on this data at any time. This gives you basic capability to record when you have performed an action for a customer and the corresponding result.

A sales campaign management option is provided for creating serial letters and emails. You can select the target customer addresses from the reporting area and have the mailing information saved directly in the customer account for later tracking of campaign results.

For corporations where the functions of the WinLine WEB CRM I module are not sufficient and where individualized workflows are needed, the full-scope WinLine WEB CRM II module is offered. You can model complex processes using the built-in workflow engine with this module. For example, customer claims and guarantee processes: automatic forwarding of customer claim to responsible employee, definition of escalation points for notifying department heads in high priority situations, automatic saving of the processed incident, etc. A complex system of authorization schemes ensures that every employee is automatically notified of related incidents for which they are responsible. CRM II includes all the functions of the CRM I module, as well.

Selected functions of the WEB CRM solutions at a glance

  • Prospective customer and customer account management
  • Access to released information
  • Customer management
  • Contact management
  • Support /call center management
  • Workflow management
  • Order processing
  • Serial letters, serial emails
  • Reports and Statistics

WinLine web solutions – additional tools

Alongside the other web shop packages and the WEB CRM solutions, we offer additional web solution features for WinLine.

The content management system (CMS) lets you set up and manage your company web site. You can create web content without programming knowledge and without further tools and online content editors.

Your benefits:

  • Uniform corporate identity on all pages
  • Centralized data administration 
  • Version history function enables recovery of previous publications 
  • Data updates steered by version date controls 
  • Information classification according to importance 
  • Every employee can create and maintain web content according to his authorization level 
  • Differentiation by user group (prospective customers, customers, etc.) 
  • Simple internationalization of the website 
  • System for Internet, Intranet and Extranet sites 
  • Integrated workflow management permits modeling of work processes in the Internet

Using the WEB PROJECT solution you can access your project management in WinLine from any location and at any time. You can enter project data, monitor project status and perform project budgeting activities.

Your benefits:

  • complete project management 
  • Online data entry
  • Project controlling
  • Progress monitoring
  • Budgeting for products and resources 
  • Assignment of follow-up actions and automated workflows
  • Automated messages
  • Connectivity with cost accounting in WinLine
  • Employee authorization controls

The WEB ARCHIVE is the web front end to the integrated document management system in WinLine. This module gives you access online to your archived files.

Your benefits:

  • Online access to the archive system at any time and place 
  • Automatic keyword indexing 
  • Comprehensive document management 
  • Easy searching for archive entries 
  • Management of externally and internally generated documents 
  • User-defined layout options 
  • Authorization assignments 
  • Incoming documents (COLD)

WinLine System tools

Our system tools provide reporting and system administration features to your WinLine installation. Various modules are available so that you can configure and handle WinLine just the way you want to.

The Management Information System „INFO“ is a central reporting module for comprehensive, in depth reporting on customers and vendors, prospective customers, products, sales reps and projects in one overview mode. Corresponding data from all WinLine program areas is collected in one place in the program.

Using the LIST Assistant you can generate user-defined lists with exactly the data and filtering selections that you desire. The List Assistant guides you step-by-step when setting up the list, while you select the individual data areas to be contained in the report and the file format for report output.

WinLine reports can be customized to fit your individual needs with the PDF Editor II. Whether you want to insert your company logo into a report, change fonts including sizes and colors, or set up reports in other languages, the PDF Editor II offers you a multitude of report configuration options for customizing lists, vouchers and documents to meet the specific requirements in your company.

WinLine offers two different document management packages for smoothly operating document archiving in WinLine. The ARCHIVE I module archives all reports and vouchers that are generated in WinLine itself. The ARCHIVE II module extends these features to include documents and files that have been generated outside of WinLine, as well. Using “document bracketing” you can join a number of archive documents to one combined archive element. Archive searches are supported in an easy-to-use Archive Search window with built-in key word indexing that lets you search quickly for any archived document.

WinLine offers a standardized export/import interface for both master data, e.g., customer/vendor accounts, GL accounts, products, prices, and contact persons, and also transactional data such as accounting postings and project data. ODBC data sources such as ASCII, XLS, and MDB, files are supported by the interface. Using the interface, you can, for example, import new or changed product data into WinLine, update prices, or also import data from a time management system.

The BATCH VOUCHER module offers a standardized export/import interface using ODBC data sources for all sales and purchase vouchers. Auto presets, standardized filters and flexible file structures are just a few of the sophisticated features that the module has to offer.

The WinLine ACTION SERVER supports periodic generation and execution of various reports and actions at a WinLine client workstation or a selected server. Large reports, OLAP data cubes, data backups or data export / import runs can be set up for generation during the night hours, so that they are available with current data in the mornings.

Sales campaign management is a standard requirement in WinLine CRM, but it can also be used independently in other areas. Enter your texts directly in the system or select an individual template, and send your personalized messages online directly from the system using in the Mail Center. By means of the sales campaign management module, you can create, send and print serial emails, letters, lists and reports.

The Multiple Seat System module is required to set up a network installation where more than one user can access WinLine from a client installation in the network. The number of user seats can be extended with additional user seat licenses at any time.

User group authorizations to manage access to program menus and functions can be set up with this system administration module.

The Customizing Tool Kit (CTK) module lets you customize the layout and content of program windows in WinLine. You can change the name of an entry field, for example, or remove a field from a window, or hide selected menu items for users in a particular user group.

Data sheet download WinLine SYSTEM

Kassen (cash solutions/cash register obligation in Austria)

WinLine KASSE for Users of WinLine FAKT

Since 01.01.2016 all organizations with annual sales of more than EUR 15.000,00 and cash sales of more than EUR 7.500,00 have to record all transactions electronically.

With WinLine 10.2 we offer for WinLine Users the supplemental module WinLine KASSE. With your PC, printer, WinLine FAKT and the module you are able to handle cash register obligation and don’t have to buy new hardware.

With the supplemental module WinLine KASSE Net you are able to handle your cash desk about more than one workplaces. 

datasheet WinLine KASSE
Flyer WinLine KASSE
See more in our Produktvideo WinLine KASSE.

WinLine FAKT KASSE – stand alone cash solution for new clients and users without WinLine FAKT

Have a look at the functions of WinLine FAKT KASSE:

  • Stand-alone solution
  • One- or multiuser solution
  • DEP – data capture protocol acording to statutory regulations 
  • signature
  • QR-Code on print
  • Entry Dashboard
  • Tile Administration 
  • administration of articles, clients and Users 
  • daily closing
  • various cash evaluation etc.

With the supplemental module WinLine KASSE Net you are able to handle your cash desk about more than one workplaces too. 

It is possible to expand WinLine FAKT KASSE by all ERP- und CRM modules of mesonic WinLine.

Datenblatt WinLine FAKT KASSE
Flyer WinLine FAKT KASSE
See more in our Produktvideo WinLine FAKT KASSE.

Wichtige Hinweise

Pleas notice – all cash register systems are tax-deductible up to EUR 200,00.

Order Picking & Multiple Warehouses

The order-picking module manages processing of goods with up to three levels of packaging units, e.g., box, carton, an pallet. You can report on the exact packing unit number that is associated with a particular customer delivery at any time.

Customized packaging labels and shipping papers can be set up and assigned to particular kinds of packaging material. Order-picked products are denoted in various reports to keep track of stock that is packed and ready for shipment on the loading dock.

Multi-warehouse management offers you efficient working with main and subsidiary warehouses. Whether you are doing inventory accounting, voucher management oder creating overall warehouse statistics, you have all warehouse-related data at your fingertips. The exact quantity located in each warehouse location is listed along with detailed information on products and quantity sold to each customer from each warehouse. 

This module can be employed not only for multiple warehouses, it can also be used to manage product attributes such as color variants, sizes, serial numbers, and lot numbers.

WinLine DSGVO – prices and ways to use 

The new module “WinLine DSGVO” on the basis of the EU-GDPR is available in different models. 

Prices start at EUR 990,– plus EUR 25,– service costs per month for the module including 5 mobile-light user. Prices are graded according to the number of users integrated. In every model there is one CRM-user included. 

process and documents management system (PDMS)

  • Structure, distribution, administration and revision of processing directories and many more ways to use


  • administration of declarations of consent for the processing of personal data, in particular in the area of e-mail marketing

information tool

  • fulfilment of the duty to provide information at the push of a button

anonymization tool

  • implemention of the right to data deletion



In the WinLine SMART basic module, you record and manage your employees who are to access the individual SMART modules. You can also use the social collaboration tool WinLine SMART SHARE , which supports networked collaboration in teams.

Mobile online data access

The WinLine SMART modules are operated online via the desktop or mobile devices. WinLine SMART also gives employees access to the functionalities of the individual SMART modules who do not have full mobile user access to the WinLine ERP and CRM functionalities.

The WinLine SMART user

  • accesses the WinLine SMART modules online via desktop or mobile devices
  • uses automated WinLine processes, e.g. B. Vacation requests, procurement requests, project time recording, actual time recording (come / go management)
  • is integrated into WinLine SMART SHARE, the internal discussion and communication platform of WinLine
  • receives reading rights, e.g. to the GDPR-relevant information in the WinLine SMART GDPR module

General functions

  • Scale-based user concept
  • integrated employee master management
  • Integrated social collaboration tool with chat function as an internal communication platform
  • Videoconferencing tool
  • Complete recording of working hours (PC or mobile)
  • Vacation and absence management
  • Creation of individual workflows / work processes
  • legally compliant management of personal data in accordance with GDPR
  • Product and document management system
  • automated processing of procurement applications
  • implemented gamification concepts

More information

Download SMART Datasheet

WinLine Add-On Modules


360° Datenauswertungen mit dem WinLine BI

Sie wollen Ihre Unternehmensdaten übersichtlich aufbereiten und aus verschiedenen Gesichtspunkten beleuchten? Dann lernen Sie unser WinLine BI-Modul kennen. 

Das neue WinLine-DSGVO Modul

Lernen Sie in unserem Video das neue WinLine DSGVO-Modul kennen. Mit seinen umfassenden Funktionen erleichtert es den gesetzeskonformen Umgang mit personenbezogenen Daten innerhalb der WinLine. Die Datenschutzgrundverordnung tritt ab 25. Mai 2018 in vollem Umfang in Kraft (Ende der Übergangsfrist). Bis dahin sind alle Bestimmungen und Anforderungen entsprechend umzusetzen. 

Innovations of WinLine Version 10.4

From now on the mesonic WinLine 10.4 is released for distribution. Even if in this version the most attention was laid to the evaluation possibilities, numerous innovations of all sizes are found in all areas.

Have a look at all the great innovations that you expect in WinLine version 10.4 in the video below:

mesonic product videos

View our short product videos for various features and applications of WinLine software. Have a nice time!

Sending reminders – now even more professional with WinLine MAPRO

The integrated dunning system in your WinLine FIBU already supports you in minimizing your sales. With WinLine MAPRO, you can send e-mail reminders directly with your invoice, keep your customers informed, reduce your inquiries, increase your customers’ payment morale, and optimize the efficiency of your reminders. Our video shows you how it looks in practice:

Highlights of WinLine-Version 10.3

Have a look at all the great innovations that you expect in WinLine version 10.3

Efficient external service with WinLine mobile 

Here we show you how to optimize the work of your field staff with the use of WinLine mobile.

New WinLine warehouse management

With the new module WinLine warehouse management you can manage your warehouse highly flexibly, hierarchically and even more economically.

Like, chat, vote – the next communication platform WinLine SHARE
This new discussion and communication platform of mesonic encourages digital communication and counteracts daily flood of emails. Fast and direct interacting possibilities improve collaboration and make clear and comprehensible communication structure possible.

cash register obligation in Austria 
Since 01.01.2016 all organizations with annual sales of more than EUR 15.000,00 and cash sales of more than EUR 7.500,00 have to record all transactions electronically. With supplemental module WinLine KASSE for users of WinLine FAKT your are ready for cash register obligation. You don’t need new hardware and are ready for mobile services too. 

For organisations which don’t use WinLine FAKT, we are able to offer the solution of WinLine FAKT KASSE stand alone. Well-equipped for cash register obligation.

New forms of analysis representation with WinLine Power Report

A clear graphic presentation of lists and analysis allows the WinLine Power Report. Have a look for the various formats.

Data analysis with WinLine OLAP modules
Multidimensional data analysis out of all WinLine areas – a requirement which fulfill the WinLine OLAP modules.

WinLine invoicing & inventory management inkl. purchasing
Many orders, an not enough in-stock products? Use our module WinLine Purchasing. For exakt and prompt order fulfillment.

Evaluating in WinLine
Scores and graphics in WinLine, as schedule, excel sheet or on the screen – you can compile them easily in various ways.

Digital document archiving with WinLine ARCHIV
No longer looking for paper mould correspondency, documents or contracts. WinLine ARCHIV enables you to dispense all kinds of documents centrally and with auditing acceptability – without losing time.

Mobile administration of service orders in WinLine
With our mobile apps for WinLine you not only get stationary access but via tablet or smartphone. Let’s have a look at the mobile treatment of service orders.

WinLine CRM – Contract Management
With WL CRM systems you represent your own contract management to keep track p. ex. of your mobile phone and car leasing contracts or subscriptions and notice periods.

WinLine CRM – digital client files
All informations about clients and contact persons at a glance: master file data, phone calls, E-Mails, statistics like sales and open items, CRM or Workflows, archive documents, etc. Discover the digital client file with mesonic WinLine CRM in practice.

WinLine CRM – commitment in distribution
WinLine CRM system is fully integrated the WinLine ERP-modules. Both systems enable data exchange. Have a look how WinLine CRM helps you in distribution.

WinLine CRM – commitment in marketing
WinLine CRM-System in marketing enables target audience screening, serial sending, campaign management or press relations – WinLine CRM is flexibly applicable.

WinLine CRM – commitment in service
WinLine CRM System helps to manage inquiries, claims and complaints, service reports and orders on-site.