ERP Future 2018

Visit us at the ERP Future 2018 on 13th November 2018 at the JKU – Johannes Kepler University in Linz!   The ERP Future Business conference and trade fair offers an excellent opportunity and independent platform to gain an overview of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and the areas of Business Intelligence (BI), Business Process Management (BPM), Customer … READ MORE …

Data protection-commissioned with Dataflow

With the introduction of the general data protection regulation (GDPR) on the 25th of May, 2018 the standards, formulated in this EU order must be fixed in every company. The GDPR does not only concern the data processing in your own enterprise. You also have to check if the cooperations with your service providers are … READ MORE …

New module WinLine-GDPR

On the 25th of May, 2018 the new general data protection regulation of the EU comes into force. Because these innovations will concern every company which processes personal data, a new module that can support you will be integrated into the mesonic WinLine. The PDMS (process and documents management system) helps you to create, to revise … READ MORE …

New module WinLine MTA shortly available

WinLine MTA – mail Tracking & Analytics is made for the evaluation and successful measurement of e-mail campaigns in the WinLine. The module incl. the necessary MesoCloud of service will be available with a patch of the version 10.4.

New Version mesonic WinLine 10.4 is available

From now on the mesonic WinLine 10.4 is released for distribution. Even if in this version the most attention was laid to the evaluation possibilities, numerous innovations of all sizes are found in all areas. Have a look at all the great innovations that expect you in WinLine version 10.4 in our

The general data protection regulation of the EU

The general data protection regulation of the EU (GDPR) comes into force by the 25th of May 2018. These innovations affect every company of every size and branche, without exceptions. Questions you should ask yourself now: What do we have to fulfil from May 2018? What are personal data? Actual state analysis: What are we already doing? … READ MORE …

WinLine MAPRO – expansion of the integrated dunning system

The integrated dunning system in your WinLine FIBU already supports you in minimizing your open accounts. In order to further reduce the payment methods of your defaulting customers, the new add-on module WinLine MAPRO is available starting with version WL 10.3.  With the WinLine MAPRO, you send the invoice directly with the e-mail dispatch of … READ MORE …

WinLine KASSE – Whitepaper for FinanzOnline

From April 1, 2017 onwards, cash register systems have to have tamper protection in the form of a digital signature which ensures that documents can not be changed afterwards. For this purpose, a machine-readable code (QR-Code) must be printed on each cash receipt.  See Whitepaper zur FinanzOnline-Meldung.

cash register systems – requirements from 01.04.2017

All Cash Register systems have to have tamper protection in form of a digital signature in accordance with cash register requirement, which ensures that documents cannot be changed afterwards. For this purpose, a machine-readable code (QR-Code) must be printed on each cash receipt. For this, you only need to purchase a signature creation unit from … READ MORE …

WinLine Version 10.3 & WL Kasse NET available

The new WinLine version 10.3 with many new features is available. The extension module WL Kasse Net / WinLine FAKT Kasse Net has been released for the access of several input stations (PC workstations) to the central signature unit.