WinLine LOHN AT – Innovations 2024

In order to be able to use all changes and innovations for 2024, the WinLine Edition 2024 version 12.18b must be used. This patch contains all known legal changes valid for 2024 as well as useful new features in WinLine LOHN.

Note: Patch 18b is necessary so that the wage tax assessment can be calculated correctly in the event of an AV reduction if no special payment is settled in the period.

The changes made in the course of the year-end closing relate to the current tariff system (TASY), which is loaded if there is a valid internet connection and the corresponding updates have already been carried out. In addition, the 2024 assessment base table for DB/DZ/KommSt. was created with the corresponding percentages.

Note on TASY: As there may still be changes during the year, it is advisable to check again before the January settlement (and also during the year) whether a more up-to-date TASY version is available.

Please also note that at least (!) WinLine Edition 2022 Version 12.16 must be available for the creation of the L16 for 2023 (the transmission must take place by the end of February).

We wish you a successful start to 2024!