WinLine Edition 2024 released

New features have been installed in almost all areas of the new WinLine Edition 2024. Numerous major and minor innovations and optimisations have been implemented under the banner of pure digitalisation.

Combination of individual FORM forms in a so-called Multi FORM, so that data entries for related subject areas can be bundled together. Using fleet management as an example, this would mean that, for example, in addition to entering vehicle master data, you can also enter logbooks, damage reports and recurring vehicle costs such as tyre changes and inspections.

Since the 2023 edition, you can use the WinLine VIEW 360 module to display links to WinLine objects very clearly using graphics. With WinLine Edition 2024, frequently used views can now be saved as templates and called up again at the touch of a button. The available WinLine objects have been expanded to include interested parties, contact persons/contacts and FORMs.

The Kanban view for CRM workflows has been part of WinLine since Edition 2023. A complete workflow (including all subsequent steps) is displayed graphically. The CRM Kanban now offers completely new functions, e.g. automatic updating of data, a sorting function using filters and workflow loops to immediately repeat a CRM step. A search function and the new performance mode now ensure faster work with very extensive Kanban outputs.

WinLine has been given a new look in many areas. Examples include the dark design of the user interface, the new HTML design with 3D effects in WinLine VIEW 360 and the modernised document forms.

You can find all further information here.